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How Old Are The Disney Princesses Actually?

We discovered the truth. is an experimental website that guesses your age based on a picture you upload. / Via

It seems accurate for the most part, which is why I decided to put these famous princesses to the test. Disney told us how old the princesses actually are, but now we know the cold, hard truth.


Disney / Via

But did she also trade her voice for legs AND her youth??


Disney / Via

Talk about an extremely youthful glow.


Disney / Via

Five??? FIVE?!!? Well. This raises a plethora of questions, Disney.


Disney / Via

This was a decade older than expected.


Disney / Via

Belle is actually a tweenager, guys.


Disney / Via

For 57, Mulan sure is a total BADASS.

Snow White:

Disney / Via

Perhaps Snow White is actually 11. I mean, she does look like she's about to bust out a One Direction lyric.


Disney / Via

Not bad! Seems pretty true to age.


Disney / Via

Her long locks sure did grow fast in just 6 years.


Disney / Via

Now we know Aurora was actually sleeping for TWO decades instead of sixteen years.


Disney / Via

4-year-old superstar with a bow and arrow, ladies and gents.


How old does say you are? Tell us in the comments below!

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