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    • FantaKitty213

      The thing is, The books she was using were brand new; not old, decrepit ones with pages missing and torn covers. Another problem with is is that there are better alternatives forabook that is only slightly used. Look at it this way:aperson picks upasecond hand book. Some of the pages are falling out but you can easily tape them back in. They read it. The words and everything they experienced in that book are still there andanew person could come along and pick up the book and read it as well. The knowledge and everything contained in those pages never leaves so it’s not like it’sadisposable, one use piece of crap, you can still read it. She could have donated it or something, not just cut upaperfectly good book forastupid box. It’s the same thing with clothing, usually, if you’re going to shred upashirt to make something else, you’re not going to go out and getabrand new $60 Abercrombie t-shirt for your project; you’re probably going to use something with holes in it that neither you nor anybody could wear. The reason everyone is flipping their shit about this video is that she used NEW, unread books in her project and suggested using vintage books and not old, unreadable ones.

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