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    22 Beautifully Disastrous Cake Fails From Netflix's New Show "Nailed It"

    It's literally a contest to figure out who can make the ugliest desserts.

    There's a new show on Netflix all about cake fails called Nailed It and it's just THE BEST.

    It's sort of like the Great British Baking Show, except the exact opposite because it rewards people for making horrific desserts.

    The contestants are all people who are really bad at baking and they're challenged to recreate desserts made by professionals. The results are all pretty cringe-worthy.

    First, they need to complete a "simple" challenge which is usually where the problems begin.

    The guest judges make everything look really simple, but if the contestants' results are any indication, these treats are deceptively difficult to pull off.

    At the top of the episode, they get an hour to recreate a small dessert. It's nowhere near enough time for most contestants.

    They're also free to improvise with the ingredients, which is almost never a good idea.

    Then the second challenge in every episode is to recreate something a little more complicated, like this three-tier cake:

    Or this beautiful cake depicting a scene from a classic fairy tale:

    The replicas always come out looking a little...

    Some of the more novice bakers are usually unfamiliar with ingredients like fondant, just in case you couldn't tell from this:

    And even when the contestants don't quite nail the cake design, what they pull off is often much more entertaining.

    One of the hardest challenges this season had contestants trying to recreate this shark attack cake:

    The final results are a goddamn marvel.



    With each new episode the cakes come out looking more and more awful. It's impossible to look away.

    The challenges get more and more difficult...

    But the cakes just keep getting worse and worse.

    It's clear that this is an island with a volcano and a dinosaur, right?

    Honestly, even the easiest challenges are usually too much:

    Stop everything you're doing and binge-watch this show.

    It's your patriotic duty.

    God bless America!

    Seriously, if these cakes cracked you up, you need a little Nailed It in your lives.

    This post was translated from Spanish.