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31 Vines That Are Guaranteed To Make You Laugh

This is basically what they invented video cameras for. The apex of an important medium.

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Remember to un-mute each Vine by clicking the speaker in the top left of each video!

1. The genius who found a new use for a vacuum cleaner:

2. The gentleman who dialed an unfortunate wrong number:

3. The amazing cat who twerks better than you do:

4. The dad who thinks it's funny to tap the brakes:

5. The world's worst way to deploy canola oil:

6. The cutest baby malfunction:

7. Terrifying moments in freestyle rap:

8. The powerful aversion to tickling:

9. Ridin' dirty, dog edition:

10. You never forget the day when you first learn these magic words:

11. How to "Koala" someone:

12. The cutest malfunctioning tongue:

13. The girl who is DEFINITELY going to be famous:

14. The bedtime ritual:

15. The unfortunate person who is afraid of love:

16. The helping hand:

17. The best "Royals" performance:

18. "I Will Always Love You":

19. How British people shower:

20. The casual ape:

21. Bruno Mars' bad day:

22. The karaoke mishap:

23. The one where Hunter fell in the background:

24. "Why can't we be friends?"

25. The cutest dog malfunction:

26. The smooth criminal:

27. "Me trying to rap":

28. The pug on his way to the club:

29. That thing we've all always secretly wanted to do:

30. Time to party:

31. And the greatest reaction of all time: