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30 Things That Will Test If Your Smile Still Works

Extremely important: Please take this short test to see if your smile still works. Smizing doesn't count here — we're looking for real mouth movement! OK, ready?!


1. Relax your face.

2. View each individual item in turn.

3. Think about your face. Is anything happening there?

4. If, AT ANY POINT, the corners of your mouth begin to turn upwards (towards the sky), your smile still works. Phew.

OK, let's do this thing!

1. We'll start simple, with this gentleman who just adopted a kitten. How is your face? Anything specific happening there?

2. I may have forgotten to mention that this is what it looks like when you pet an owl.

3. And that this is what it looks like when you throw a parade for a dog.

4. OK, please take a second to watch this video of a baby laughing at a dog eating popcorn. How would you rate your smile response on a scale of "Smirk" to "Grin"?

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5. OK, good. Now here's a delighted gentleman getting bear hugged by LeBron James after hitting an unlikely half-court shot.

6. And this animated image depicts a penguin having a bit of fun with a dramatic seal.

7. After viewing the above, would you say that you felt like one of the dogs in this photo?

8. Or would you say that this seal provides a more accurate representation of your state of mind at the time?

9. Really great work so far. Thanks for sticking with us. Now please clear your mind, and take a quick moment to share this man's reaction to receiving tickets to the championship game as a gift from his son.

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10. When you watched the above video, was your face like this?

11. Or more like this?

12. Let's take a very short break with two "Surprise Cats." This is Surprise Cat #1.

13. #2:

14. OK, back to work now. We're halfway there - just a few more questions. First: How big is the whale?

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That is correct. The whale is as big as your heart. Metaphorically speaking. Don't think about it too hard. Let's move along with a few short, animated images.

15. Observe this young lady and take careful note of whether anything happens to your face.

16. And this one.

17. And Harrison Ford.

18. Excellent work. Now please watch this very brief surprise for Granddad. It's a good one. It's worth watching. And it is very important for this test.

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19. After viewing Granddad's reaction, would you say you were like this?

20. Or more like this?

If your smile does not appear to be working yet, don't panic! Place your fingers on either side of your mouth and slooooowly pull upwards in the direction of your ears as you observe the following images.




24. Phew, we're on the homestretch now. Just like this running duck. Watch this running duck. It will do you good.

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25. Was your experience of the running duck similar to the experience of Ludwig the elephant at his birthday party?

26. Or would you say it was more like this piglet without a care in the world?

27. We really actually are almost done now. Does your smile still work? Are dogs really a man's best friend? These are questions only you can answer for yourself.

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28. Now let's check in real quick with our celebrity correspondent.

29. OK, now stop! :)

30. We're done! Let's celebrate with the happiest video of all time.

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All finished. Great work. :)