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22 Things That Seemed Like Good Ideas At The Time

Remember: Never let the past make your decisions for today.

1. This thoughtful romantic gift.

2. The sliding door on this Starbucks van.

3. The restaurant with windows into the swimming pool.

4. This particularly smooth new way of riding the escalators.

5. The "glueing station" song.

6. This hashtag campaign.

7. The three-car cooler train ride to drunktown.

8. Going in for a kiss.

9. Pretty much everything about the Mr. Cool Ice persona.

10. Letting the past make your decisions for today.

11. This daring escape.

12. Pizza & Cookies (& Jack).

13. Practicing volleyball indoors.

14. Tweeting about that new credit card.

15. This well-executed but poorly conceived headstand.

16. Getting the really fast toddler motorbike.

17. The ketchup automator.

18. Unsupervised playtime.

19. Going for a slip-n-slide without any slip.

20. This grocery store shortcut.

21. Dancing for the goats.

22. And everything that led up to this moment.