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    Here's Why Trump's Border Wall Is A Great Idea

    Frankly, we can’t afford NOT to!

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    Donald Trump wants to build a big beautiful wall along the border between the US and Mexico, which is a great idea, because as we all know, walls ALWAYS work.

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    Just look at this glorious monument to Eastern Bloc efficiency and creativity:

    The Berlin Wall in Berlin, Germany, circa 1965. (Photo by Harvey Meston/Archive Photos/Getty Images)

    1. Not only have walls always been a great metaphor for freedom ...

    Steve Eason / Getty Images

    East German border guards lift a child onto the Berlin Wall at the effective end of the city's partition, 31st December 1989. (Photo by Steve Eason/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

    2. ... they're also great at keeping “really, really bad people” from getting into your country. Whether it's these ruffians ...

    Werner Kreusch / AP

    In this Aug. 23, 1961 file photo, a boy sitting on the shoulders of another child peers at the Liesen street in Wedding, West Berlin, over the wall towards the eastern part of the city. Foto: Werner Kreusch/AP/dapd

    3. ... or determined Mongol invaders.

    Kevin Frayer / Getty Images

    4. And since people respond so well to boundaries, walls have never caused any anguish or human suffering.

    A refugee from the German Democratic Republic (DDR) is seen during his attempt to escape from the East German part of Berlin to West Berlin by climbing over the Berlin Wall on October 16, 1961. (AP Photo)

    5. And they never seem either desperate or shortsighted.

    6. Building huge walls between nations has always been a great way to maximize happiness for BOTH countries!

    AP Photo / files

    August 17, 1962 photo shows dying Peter Fechter carried away by East German border guards who shot him down when he tried to flee to the west.

    7. Walls promote mutual understanding and respect. Nothing ever goes wrong when you build a wall.

    East German border guards carry away a 50 year old refugee, who was shot with three targeted shots by East German border police on September 4, 1962 as he dashed through communist border installations and tried to climb the Berlin wall in the cemetery of the Sophien Church. (AP Photo)

    8. Because, (thanks only in part to alliteration) boundaries build buddies.

    Getty / THOMAS COEX

    9. Concrete creates cooperation!


    10. Nothing really alliterates usefully with "death strip," but they're good things to have around.

    East German border guards, seen from Wedding in West Berlin, on patrol with a guard dog in the 'death strip' between the fences of the Berlin Wall, Germany, December 1967. (Photo by Keystone/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

    11. Everyone loves walls! This guy couldn’t keep himself away from the one they built in Berlin.

    Central Press/Hulton Archive / Getty Images

    West German police arrest a young man from a crowd incensed by the death of 18-year-old Peter Fechter, who was shot while trying to cross the Berlin Wall a few days earlier.

    12. And these families made countless happy memories together waving to each other across their wall.

    AP Photo/Werner Kreusch

    Armed men stand guard on both sides of the Berlin wall, Germany, on August 13, 1962, while West Berliners wave to relatives in East Berlin.

    13. The wall will be a symbol of two countries coexisting in peaceful respect for one another, and definitely not a symbol of strife and alienation.

    GERARD MALIE/AFP / Getty Images

    Berliners confront with East German policemen atop the Berlin Wall early 11 November 1989, near the Potsdamer Square.

    14. And a powerful reminder of what can happen when people from different places come together to build something that will last.

    RALPH GATTI/AFP / Getty Images

    Picture taken on October 13, 1976 of the Heinrich Heine Strasse checkpoint between East (Soviet sector) and West Berlin (American sector). The wall, built along the border between German Democratic Republic (GDR) and Federal Republic of Germany, was the scene of the shooting of many East Germans who tried to escape from GDR.

    15. In fact, once we've got all the pieces in place, we can go one step further, and, on the other side of the Trump Wall...

    20th Century Fox / Via

    (Artist's rendering.)

    …we can build a maze! Picture it! “Trump’s Maze.” That’ll slow down the thousands of "murderers and rapists" who spend their days looking wistfully across the border of Arizona.

    20th Century Fox / Via

    16. Honestly, the only real downside to building a wall is how bummed out everyone will be if it ever comes down.

    AP Photo/Jockel Finck

    East and West Berliners mingle as they celebrate in front of a control station on East Berlin territory, Nov. 10, 1989, during the opening of the borders to the West

    17. And because walls always work, there will never be a situation where people keep small bits of the failed wall to remind ourselves never to make this mistake again.

    An East German citizen holds a piece of the wall to East German border guard when moving into the West at Wollankstrasse passage in West Berlin's district of Wedding, Nov. 13, 1989. (AP Photo/John Gaps III)

    18. In fact, there will never be peace until we put up that wall.

    AP Photo/Claus Eckert

    Heinz Joachim Nickel, right, a member of the East German opposition group "New Forum," is overcome with emotion as he and his son, Christian, center, arrive in Helmstedt, West Germany by train from East Germany, Nov. 11, 1989.

    19. So let's build it already!

    20th Century Fox / Via

    20. And if for some reason we can’t get Mexico to pay for it, we can always just figure out what that kid from the 1994 Frosted Flakes commercial is up to these day.

    Here's to walls!

    Paramount Pictures / Via

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