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    The 9 Most Annoying Things About Atheists

    How do you find an atheist in a comment forum? Don't worry, they'll let you know. Also, they'll probably be wearing one of these shirts.

    1. They all think they are like this:

    And this.

    2. When they are actually more like this:

    And this.

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    3. Actually, five minutes in a room with them will make you wish you could go back to just listening to that goat yelling like a man.

    4. They all think their religion is so much better than everyone else's.

    5. On the Internet, they act like they are this guy.

    When in reality, they're more like this guy.

    6. They're always turning the conversation to religion.

    7. And they're constantly showing off about how they're soooooo much smarter and more rational then everyone else.

    8. They can't handle it when their logic is turned back around on them.

    9. And they refuse to answer even the simplest questions.

    In conclusion, we should all just move to Australia.