Introducing: BuzzFeed Community!

    BuzzFeed has launched a new Community section and you can be a part of it!

    Anyone can make a post on BuzzFeed, and, in fact, some of BuzzFeed's biggest hits ever have been created by Community contributors who figured that out, made something awesome, shared it with their friends, and watched it take off either with help from a BuzzFeed editor who featured it on the front page or, sometimes just through the sheer force of its shareability.

    But for the last five years, that particular feature of the site has been kind of a well-kept secret. Which is dumb because it's so much better if everyone knows about it. Anyway, hopefully now everyone does!

    Starting today, the best posts from BuzzFeed's awesome Community contributors will be featured in a swanky new Community vertical, a place on the site for collaborative posts, original contributions from users, and other awesome stuff that we don't know about yet because it's going to be invented by BuzzFeed's Community, who have essentially been running the show behind the scenes for years anyway.

    If you want to contribute, just sign up for an account, make something cool, and post it. We will feature a selection of the best stuff on in addition to the front page of this fine website, and beyond!

    I seriously can't believe we never thought of this before.

    Have fun, be safe, and welcome!