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21 Times Adele Was Actually Fucking Hilarious

Not only is she the best-selling artist in the world right now, she's also one of the funniest.

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1. When she showed her Instagram followers how flawless she is.

2. When she revealed the secret reason why she's so incredible at music.

3. When she flipped off the Brit Awards for cutting off her acceptance speech.

4. When she came up with the perfect motto.

5. When she adorably photobombed fans posing with her Oscar.


6. When she confessed to her deep, lifelong passion for swearing.

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7. When she tried (and totally failed) to keep things polite in the Royal Albert Hall.

8. When she couldn't stop laughing at the topic of masturbation.

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9. When she talked honestly and openly about how her stage fright.

So Graham Norton / Via

10. When she got banned by her social media team for drunk-tweeting.

11. When she had the perfect reaction to Chelsea Handler making fun of gingers.

12. When she delighted everyone with her story about going to the bathroom with Jennifer Aniston and accidentally calling her "Rachel."

13. Every single time she let her exes know how well she's doing without them.

14. When she confessed to stalking people on Facebook.

15. That one time when she literally barked at Justin Timberlake.

16. When she told the epic story of the most dramatic wardrobe malfunction of all time.

17. When she disguised herself as herself and brilliantly pranked a bunch of Adele impersonators.


18. When she found the SNL skit about Adele saving Thanksgiving as funny as the rest of us.

19. When had a beautifully awkward interaction at the supermarket.

20. When she let Frank Ocean know it's been way too long since the last album.

21. And when she let the world know that her music is here to help and heal.

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