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For Everyone Who Hates The Red Cups Because They're Not Filled With Dunkin Donuts

Shots have been fired.

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But there is a deeper issue at play here than just the Christmas spirit.

And it turns out that this is an extremely sensitive and important concern for many Americans.

The only problem I have with Starbucks cups is that they don't come filled with @DunkinDonuts coffee.


A widely held belief that has inflamed the passions of an entire country.

Am I the only one who has never noticed that #Starbucks changes the color of their cups? It's probably because I go to #DunkinDonuts

Lines have been crossed that can never be uncrossed.

I'm drinking Dunkin' Donuts coffee out of my Starbucks travel mug. I'm a monster. What am I capable of?


How many cups will be spilled before this ends?

Guys relax, Starbucks cups are red to symbolize the blood of their enemy @DunkinDonuts

Will there be anything left of this country before the anger stops?

Remember no serious Christian is worried about no stupid #RedCups. Why do we care about @Starbucks when we have @DunkinDonuts

Only time will tell.

All these folks talking about Starbucks cups like they actually think Starbucks is worth paying for. Have y'all even tried Dunkin' Donuts?