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    Whatever You Do, DO NOT Watch This Emotionally Scarring Video Of Anthony Hopkins On A Treadmill

    DO NOT WATCH. This is a PSA.

    Spring is in the air (and Season 2 of Westworld is on HBO), and a young person's fancy naturally turns to Anthony Hopkins.

    "What is Anthony Hopkins up to this week?", you might very reasonably say to yourself.

    Unfortunately, at press time, the answer is very specific, and very frightening.

    The answer involves a lot of work, not a lot of play, and, troublingly, a treadmill. And YOU SHOULD NOT WATCH IT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.

    This is what happens when you’re all work and no play...

    So, you can be forgiven for wondering what beloved icon and Knight of the Realm Anthony Hopkins is up to, but kindly move along!

    This has been a public service announcement.