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29 Pictures That Will Finally Give You Some Goddamn Satisfaction

Finally, we can have some peace.

1. When a shadow recognizes the importance of coloring within the lines.

2. When wood is stacked in a sensible and thoughtful way. For once.

3. When someone has the good sense and decency to stack packing material in a door the way it has been, frankly, crying out to be stacked for generations.

4. When the sun is reasonable and helpful and accommodating for a change.

5. When people actually seem to have an understanding of the right way to store and put away their furniture.

6. When the the cantaloupe and bowl communities decide to set aside their differences and start working together.

7. When the bottles learn to behave and stand to attention like God intended.

8. When the faucet stops trying to be a rogue operator and actually cooperates with the drain.

9. When the broom finally finds its spiritual home.

10. And when two boxes fall passionately in love.

11. When the pushy thing goes down the track juuuuuuuust like it's supposed to.

12. And when people finally start getting serious and organized about their sprinkles.

Steven Emmanuel / Via

13. When the discarded sneakers get together and decide to shape up and do something useful for once in their lives.

14. And when the snow leaves the slide in a quiet and orderly fashion.

15. When the valets start taking some real pride in their work.

16. And when people begin to do grocery shopping that we can all approve of.

17. When colored pencils go to their homes like good colored pencils.

Social Designer

18. When thoughtful citizens take time out of their day to organize the snow.

19. And when an anonymous stranger improves things for everyone by putting the things in the thing.

20. When people finally learn the appropriate way to combine a clementine and a tea strainer.

21. When staircases and bookcases admit their love for each other and make sweet, beautiful babies.

22. When stools go into bowls and bowls go onto stools and everyone can finally be happy about the whole "bowl/stool" situation.

23. When good, decent folk start hanging up their walking sticks in a safe and appropriate manner.

24. And when the world finally gets around to pumping gas the way it's supposed to be pumped.

25. When we can all, at long last, stand around in peace and quiet without having to worry about the tyranny of a badly angled shadow.

26. When the cocoa fills the tin and makes a nice pattern like only A-student cocoa knows how.

27. When the batteries nestle in snug for a quiet, relaxing evening.

28. When the plastic and the keyboard decide to amicably part ways.

29. And when the tube is actually empty.

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