• 1. The Zune Logo Looks Like Someone Wrote “Anus” The Wrong Way Round

    Look. I told you this wasn’t going to be a particularly classy list. But this might explain a whole lot about the Zune.

  • 2. The Apple Logo Looks Like Half An Alien

    Fodder for the theory that Steve Jobs is part of an alien race that brainwashes people with attractive product-packaging.

  • 3. The Bulls Logo Looks Like An Angry Robot Reading A Book

    He fucking hates that book. And he hates you.

  • 4. The 2012 Olympics Logo Looks Like Lisa Simpson Giving Someone A Hummer

    The 2012 Olympics logo is also illegal in Australia.

  • 5. The Dodge Viper Logo Looks Like Daffy Duck

    But Daffy Duck does not look like the Dodge Viper logo. How do you explain that?

  • 6. The Toyota Trucks Logo Looks Like Frank Zappa’s Mustache


  • 7. The Pepsi Logo Looks Like An Obese Man

    With, like, serious back problems.

  • 8. The OGC Logo Looks Like A Man Playing With Himself

    A fact that in and of itself is way more interesting than the British Office of Government Commerce which it represents.

  • 9. The TGV Logo Looks Kind Of Like A Snail

    Which is kind of unfortunate for a company that purports to make super fast trains.

  • 10. The Texas Longhorns Logo Looks Like A Uterus

    Luckily, they can just change their name to the UT Uteruses, and it alliterates nicely.

  • 11. The LG Logo Looks Like A Broken Pacman

    As we all learned recently.

  • 12. The Institute Of Oriental Studies Logo Looks Just Terrible

    Really, guys? Apparently, it’s supposed to be a house under a rising sun.

  • 13. The Computer Doctors Logo Is Really Unfortunate

    Because the mouse looks like a penis.

  • 14. And These Logos All Look Like Goatse

    Turns out a lot of logos look like goatse. But maybe that’s for another post.

  • 15. Finally, just a quick reminder that “lol” looks like a drowning man

    Which makes the whole thing just a little bit sad. (Here’s a Facebook support group.)