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15 Logos That Look Like Other Things

And just to be up front about this, the vast majority of these other things are sexual things, or just totally juvenile things. But what can you do? I don't make the logos; I just report on them.

  • 1. The Zune Logo Looks Like Someone Wrote "Anus" The Wrong Way Round

    Look. I told you this wasn't going to be a particularly classy list. But this might explain a whole lot about the Zune.

  • 2. The Apple Logo Looks Like Half An Alien

    Fodder for the theory that Steve Jobs is part of an alien race that brainwashes people with attractive product-packaging.

  • 3. The Bulls Logo Looks Like An Angry Robot Reading A Book

    He fucking hates that book. And he hates you.

  • 4. The 2012 Olympics Logo Looks Like Lisa Simpson Giving Someone A Hummer

    The 2012 Olympics logo is also illegal in Australia.

  • 5. The Dodge Viper Logo Looks Like Daffy Duck

    But Daffy Duck does not look like the Dodge Viper logo. How do you explain that?

  • 6. The Toyota Trucks Logo Looks Like Frank Zappa's Mustache


  • 7. The Pepsi Logo Looks Like An Obese Man

    With, like, serious back problems.

  • 8. The OGC Logo Looks Like A Man Playing With Himself

    A fact that in and of itself is way more interesting than the British Office of Government Commerce which it represents.

  • 9. The TGV Logo Looks Kind Of Like A Snail

    Which is kind of unfortunate for a company that purports to make super fast trains.

  • 10. The Texas Longhorns Logo Looks Like A Uterus

    Luckily, they can just change their name to the UT Uteruses, and it alliterates nicely.

  • 11. The LG Logo Looks Like A Broken Pacman

    As we all learned recently.

  • 12. The Institute Of Oriental Studies Logo Looks Just Terrible

    Really, guys? Apparently, it's supposed to be a house under a rising sun.

  • 13. The Computer Doctors Logo Is Really Unfortunate

    Because the mouse looks like a penis.

  • 14. And These Logos All Look Like Goatse

    Turns out a lot of logos look like goatse. But maybe that's for another post.

  • 15. Finally, just a quick reminder that "lol" looks like a drowning man

    Which makes the whole thing just a little bit sad. (Here's a Facebook support group.)