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    19 Things You Should Do Alone, Because Other People Are Overrated

    "Ticket for one please!" – you, after reading this.

    I'm an introvert so my alone time is sacred. Society can sometimes make us think we have to find someone to do things with, but why miss out just because no one else wanted to go?

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    Here are some things that can be just as fun – or even better – to do alone!

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    1. Treat yourself to a meal at a restaurant.

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    Group dinners are fun, but let’s face it – sometimes you just want to eat your food without having to worry about ordering quickly or keeping up the conversation between bites. Just pick a restaurant that you've always wanted to try, or a nice dessert place (because who says you have to eat courses in order?) and really enjoy your meal!

    2. Go out and try a new drink.


    Step one: pick an exciting-sounding cocktail, or ask the bartender what they'd recommend. Step two: find a comfy spot at the bar or a table of your own. Step three: sit back and savour the flavours! 

    3. Be your own personal shopper!

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    Shopping feels like a whole sport, but it doesn’t always have to be a team one. Going it alone means skipping shops you know you’re not into, and with the magic of headphones, you can tune out the cheesy store music. Besides, who knows your style and preferences better than yourself? The best shopping companion is you!

    4. Spend the day being a tourist in your own town...

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    Hands up if you live in a capital city but never visit any landmarks? I’ll go first… I know the best sights tend to be packed with tourists, but you can use your local knowledge to avoid the crowds and tick some things off your bucket list. 

    5. ...Or take things a step further and try some solo travel.


    Making your own schedule, seeing the landmarks YOU want, deciding when to be touristy and when to go off the beaten track – what's not to love?

    6. Get a ticket to your favourite movie, musical, or play...

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    None of us want to break the cinematic code of silence, and musicals and plays don’t exactly require audience participation – so they’re practically begging for you to go it alone. You can always share your thoughts with friends after watching, and you won’t have to share your snacks!

    7. ...Or go and see your favourite artist at a concert!

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    There’s obviously no need for silence during concerts, but going alone definitely doesn’t mean you’ll be singing alone. If your friends don’t have the same music taste as you, it’s the perfect chance to let out your true stan! And there are usually tons of solo fans too – you might make some new concert partners along the way.

    8. Broaden your mind at a museum.

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    Thanks to school trips, museums don’t have the wildest reputation, but who doesn’t want to see impressive art and learn new things?  As a Classics grad, I'm telling you - museums are wildly underrated. Plus, a lone trip means you can focus on your favourites. Who knows, maybe an exhibition will come to life and take you on an adventure!  

    9. If you're part of a fandom, track down the next convention and immerse yourself!

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    Did I go to MCM London Comic Con this October just to see the Loki panel? Yes. Was it worth it? Absolutely!

    10. Take a class for something you've always wanted to learn, but never got the chance to try.

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    Whatever it is you want to learn, I’ll bet good money there’s a class for it. The great thing about beginners classes is you’re all in the same boat – you won’t be judged if you don’t know what to do, and you can all share tips and help each other as you learn along the way!

    11. Or channel your inner figure skater and hit the ice rink!


    Did you also spend childhood birthday parties clinging onto the side of the rink while your friends expertly whizzed past you? I’m sorry, but whoever decided ice skating was a social activity was wrong. Trying it alone gives you the freedom to learn at your own pace, and you’ll be surprised at how fast you can go from Bambi to Olympian!

    12. Incorporate some yoga into your day.

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    Contrary to popular belief, yoga doesn't need a ton of skill or flexibility. In fact, you can do it at your desk! And there's all kinds of instructional videos on YouTube. This is perfect for lunch breaks or those WFH days spent hunched over a laptop. 

    13. Take in the beauty of nature at a park or public garden.

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    If lockdown taught us anything, it’s to embrace the great outdoors – the plants and flowers aren’t going to appreciate their own beauty! It’s an easy way to take a moment to get close to nature without having to plan an entire trip out of town.

    14. And while you're taking in nature, have yourself a little picnic.

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    There’ll always be time for group picnics, but nothing beats the peace of cosying up under a tree with a good book and some tasty treats. 

    15. Go for a wild ride at a theme park, or visit the zoo.

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    Theme parks are surprisingly chill at off-peak times (i.e. weekdays & evenings). No lines, no stress - just hop on whatever rides you want. And at the zoo, go see the smaller, less popular creatures - I guarantee you'll find something fascinating and encounter less crowds. 

    16. Take in the world from the comfort of a coffee shop.

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    Whether you want a quiet moment alone or you fancy a session of people watching, coffee shops are a perfect spot to break up the day! And of course, ’tis the season of seasonal drinks – we all know about pumpkin spiced lattes, but have you tried pumpkin spiced hot chocolate?? Game changer.

    17. Have a throwback moment at the arcade.

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    They may have fallen out of fashion, but the arcade is still as good as it was when you were a kid (maybe even better)! If you fancy a bit of nostalgia, head to an arcade and relive your childhood, but without adults telling you when it's time to go home. Your inner child will thank you.

    18. Pamper yourself with a spa treatment.

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    Whether its a massage, facial, or a cheeky little mani/pedi, there are so many things at the spa that are perfect for one. You can make a whole day out of it, or set up a spa station at home. You know you deserve it!

    19. And finally, chill at home!

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    It’s great being around loved ones, but didn’t spending lockdown with them kinda make you miss being home alone? When everyone decides to head out, hang back and have your own Kevin McAllister moment, whether that means enjoying the peace and quiet or singing from the top of your lungs.

    The point is – if you enjoy something, do it! Don't miss out on something you love because you waited for someone to go with you!


    Are you gonna try any of these out? Let us know in the comments!