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I Travel For A Living Year-Round — These Are The Little Hacks & Habits That Have Saved Me The Most Money And Time

My only regret is that I didn't know about some of these sooner.

Travel can be hectic, exhausting, and full of unexpected costs. But a few minutes of pre-travel planning can make all the difference in saving you some serious cash.

A traveler at the airport

As someone equally obsessed with both travel and saving money along the way, I wanted to gather up 15 tried-and-true tips and tricks that have personally saved me time, cash, and/or general headaches on my adventures as a travel writer so far. Here they are — and if you have any others to add, I'd love to hear about them in the comments!

1. Try booking one plane ticket at a time, even if you're traveling with a group.

Screenshot of a cheap rate for one person

2. Compare the cost of a nightly Airbnb to a month-long stay.

Screenshot of savings if you book a monthly rental

3. Pick up your rental car from a location outside the airport.

Screenshot of car rental pickup locations in Baltimore

4. Consider switching banks to avoid ATM fees.

Screenshot of Schwab's ATM fee rebate promise

5. Apply for a credit card with no foreign transaction fees and great travel perks.

Screenshot showing no foreign transaction fees from Chase

6. Notify your credit cards that you're leaving the country.

Screenshot of a travel notification

7. Splurge on a multi-country travel adapter (or two).

Travel adapter

8. Download an offline Google Map of the city you're visiting.

Screenshot of offline Google Maps

9. And download Google Translate to help you communicate while traveling.

Screenshot of downloaded, offline dictionaries on Google Translate

10. Download the app of the airline you're flying so you can watch movies, access your tickets, and stay on top of flight alerts.

Screenshot of travel apps on a phone

11. Put together a carry-on sleep kit.

Items that will help you sleep on the plane

12. Pack a little COVID-19 kit.

Hand sanitizer, wipes, and face masks

13. Pack a bottle of water and some emergency snacks.

Snacks and a water bottle in a backpack

14. Pack everything into a carry-on suitcase and backpack. (It's possible, I promise.)

Woman walking with suitcase and backpack

15. Pack your carry-on bags so you don't get held up at security.

Photo of carry on suitcase in the airport

16. Dress like an airport ninja so you can sail through security and get to your gate.

People waiting to board a flight

Any travel tips I missed? What's your pre-travel routine?