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    As A Travel Writer Who Has Visited More Than 50 Countries, I Can Confidently Say These 8 Are Best For Couples

    It doesn't get much more romantic than these.

    I've traveled a fair amount alone, but most of the time, I'm with my husband. Travel has become our mutual happy place — the moment we board a plane, we feel alive.

    Couple smiles at the camera

    After visiting more than 50 countries over the years, there are certain destinations that have stood out as particularly romantic and perfect for couples.

    Couples lays on sand in the ocean

    1. Czech Republic

    Street with clock and castle

    2. Bali

    Woman sitting on chair with coconut water

    3. Guatemala

    Person on patio overlooking water and volcano

    4. Laos

    Swimming holes under a waterfall

    5. Saint Lucia

    Boat on the water with mountain in background

    6. Japan

    Natural hot springs on the river in Japan

    7. France

    Breakfast at a cafe in Paris

    8. Trinidad and Tobago

    Ocean at sunset with palm trees

    What countries have you found to be particularly romantic? 💕 Share below!