Pedro Pascal Is Definitely Daddy, And Here Are 8 Moments That Prove It

    "'Daddy' is a state of mind." – Pedro Pascal

    Pedro Pascal has been taking over the world as of late, and we just can't get enough.

    Pedro Pascal smiles as he takes the SNL stage to deliver his monologue

    1. Oberyn Martell volunteers as Tyrion Lannister's champion

    Oberyn smiles slightly as he stands in the middle of an outdoor arena

    2. The Mandalorian rescues the Child from the Imperial remnant

    The Child reaches their hand out to pull a lever in Mando's ship while he looks on

    3. The Mandalorian unmasks to say goodbye

    Mando looks down at Grogu in his hands as tears well up in his eyes

    4. Marcus Moreno allows his daughter to train to become a hero

    Marcus gives Missy a big hug and holds one hand on the back of her head

    5. Maxwell Lord sees the error of his ways

    Maxwell runs through the rubble to his son

    6. The Mandalorian reunites with Grogu

    Mando and Grogu driving flying space in Mando's new ship

    7. Joel Takes in Ellie

    Joel furrows his brows, concerned, at Ellie, who is looking down below her at the infected

    8. And finally, Pedro Pascal embraces the LGBTQ+ community

    Pedro and Lux smile as they pose together on the red carpet