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    Updated on Jun 20, 2020. Posted on Jun 17, 2020

    17 Of The Most Polarizing TV Couples Of All Time

    For every person who loves Jim and Pam from The Office, there's someone who hates them.

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us how they really feel about some of TV's most memorable couples. There were A LOT of different opinions, to say the least:

    1. Some people loved how Jane and Rafael developed on their own until they were ready to be together on Jane the Virgin...

    The CW

    "I loved how Jane and Rafael’s relationship was approached on the show. It wasn’t like other 'will they/won't they' relationships where they'd make the same mistakes each time they got back together. Each time they broke up, it was for a good reason, and while they were apart they made character developments that ultimately allowed them to make their relationship work for the long haul."


    ...but others thought that Rafael was emotionally volatile and that Jane deserved better.

    The CW

    "I hate that Jane ended up with Rafael. Partly because I love Michael and was absolutely crushed when he 'died,' but also because Rafael is so selfish. He kept punishing Jane because she wasn't sure about her feelings when Michael came back. The way he acted was completely ridiculous."


    2. There are those who love Jake and Amy from Brooklyn Nine-Nine because they're cute and heartwarming...


    "Jake and Amy are literally the best couple ever. They slowly fell in love and accept each other for who they are. They teach each other how to let go of the bad parts of themselves (Jake not caring about his well-being, Amy not being able to have fun) to create a perfect marriage where they trust and love each other 100%."


    ...but others feel they don't really have a lot of chemistry and made better sense as friends.


    "I feel they have no chemistry and forcing them together was so awkward and weird. They make no sense as a couple and are super unbelievable. But that’s just me!"


    3. Some people think Dwight and Angela are a criminally underrated couple on The Office...


    "Dwight and Angela are the most underrated couple on the show. They had undeniable chemistry from beginning to end. Even when their relationship was a secret, Angela pretended to be sick and disguised herself to be there when he received his Salesman of the Year award. Also, they always defended each other when other characters offended one of them. I thought they had more of an intimate connection than Jim and Pam or Michael and Holly."


    ...but others felt like Angela lied to him too much and didn't deserve him.


    "Angela lied so many times about her son not being Dwight's, and at the end she only admitted it when she had ended things with the Senator and decided she wanted Dwight again. She also said that she didn’t tell him because she wanted Dwight to really 'want' to be with her and not just for their son, extremely selfish. If he didn't want to be with her, was she just never going to tell him the truth?"


    4. Some people feel veeery strongly that Devi and Ben belong together on Never Have I Ever...


    "Ben tried to cheer her up after everything that happened in the principal's office, convinced his parents to let her stay in their home, he reunited her with her friends, he drove her to Malibu to sprinkle her dad's ashes, and he waited for her to make sure things went well without overstepping. He's always there for her despite their rivalry!"


    ...but others think their relationship shifted too quickly and would rather see Devi with Paxton.


    "It seemed weird to have someone who had competed with Devi and pretty much hated her to immediately have feelings for her after one semi-friendly conversation. I feel like Mindy Kaling turned the ‘nerd gets the popular guy who doesn’t even know their name’ trope into something that made sense with Devi and Paxton. He didn't just randomly notice her, Devi went up to him and talked to him and built a relationship from there. Their relationship makes more sense."


    5. Some fans think that Damon and Elena's relationship on The Vampire Diaries was great for both of them...

    The CW

    "Delena is EVERYTHING. Damon always puts Elena first in every situation. Their relationship is so good for both of them and they love each other SO MUCH — you can see it when Damon dies and Elena literally falls apart more than in any of the other things that happen to her."


    ...but others thought it was actually pretty toxic.

    The CW

    "They were the worst. Damon was a piece of shit for the first few seasons and Elena, who was dating his brother by the way, excused all of his toxic behaviors, whether it was essentially raping Caroline (although the show never called it that), killing her brother, or turning her best friend's mom into a vampire against her will. As long as she had his affection, she let him get away with everything. Elena talked a big game about wanting him to be better, but when it came down to it, she didn’t walk the walk."


    6. A lot of people love Meredith and Derek from Grey's Anatomy because they overcame a lot to be together...


    "I LOVED Meredith and Derek from Grey’s Anatomy. They were definitely endgame. They were amazing together and had three beautiful kids after all their ups and downs. Even though I think that Meredith as a person is clearly doing great without him now, I loved their relationship and think they were meant to be."


    ...but other people thought McDreamy never treated her the way she deserved.


    "Derek treated Meredith terribly from the very beginning (lying, hiding things, thinking he was the best thing since sliced bread, not considering her life and career). I never liked him and could see why his first wife cheated on him. I don’t think he and Meredith should’ve been lauded as such an amazing couple."


    7. Some might think that Holly was Michael Scott's perfect match on The Office...


    "Jim and Pam get all the love, but Holly and Michael are also a great couple. Everyone thought Michael was ridiculous except for Holly. He was so prepared to hate her when she came in as Toby's replacement, but you could see how easily he warmed up to her. And then when she left and was with someone new, he left that message for her about how he knew they were meant to be and she was wrong to think it was over. Total soulmates."


    ...but there are others who think she was just a carbon copy of him.


    "I really hate Holly and Michael. They're annoying together! Holly basically just repeats everything Michael says, and one of him is absolutely enough. I've rewatched the series multiple times, and I always feel like skipping the episodes she's in."


    8. Many Gilmore Girls fans thought Rory's character went downhill after she met Logan...

    The WB

    "I hated Rory and Logan from Gilmore Girls. The moment Rory started dating him was when her character became the absolute worst. She started acting so entitled, spoiled, and just so annoying. She definitely picked up all of Logan’s worst character traits because he was all of those things too. Before the fifth season, Rory was at least somewhat likable, but honestly I struggle rewatching the last couple of seasons because I could never get on board with Rory and Logan."


    ...but there are also those who think he was clearly Rory's best boyfriend throughout the show.


    "Listen, Rory and Logan weren't perfect, it must be said. HOWEVER, Dean was clueless, borderline sexist, and not on Rory's level intellectually or emotionally. Jess was ruggedly handsome sure, and he'd read a book or two, but he was obnoxiously moody and emotionally distant. Logan was a bit full of himself, but he grew a lot with Rory, was considerate and was the only one of the three with a sense of humor. Logan wins."

    –Alex N., Facebook

    9. Some One Tree Hill fans think Lucas and Peyton were meant to be from the very beginning...

    The WB

    "It was clear that Lucas loved Peyton from the first episode of the show. It was very clear that they would always end up with each other. I don't understand why they get so much hate!"


    ...but others thought they had too many ups and downs compared to other couples.

    The WB

    "Lucas and Peyton are the worst couple on the show. Lucas literally stalks her pretty much until she starts to like him back and then he rejects her constantly. It seemed to me that Peyton was his last-ditch effort after a failed relationship with Brooke and Lindsay. Compared to other couples on the show — like Nathan and Haley, Brooke and Julian, and Clay and Quinn — they are boring and make no sense. The only thing they have in common is that they both love to whine."


    10. Some people think it's adorable that Barry finally got together with Iris after years of pining on The Flash...

    The CW

    "Barry loved Iris his entire life! I found that so sweet, and then one day he finally got the girl! It’s a classic romance. From best friends to finally getting married! They would do anything for each other."


    ...but others can't get over the fact that they were essentially raised as siblings.

    The CW

    "They grew up together in the same house, and she grew up seeing him as her brother. How is that not creepy?"


    11. Viewers really appreciated Monica and Chandler's stability on Friends...


    "I love Monica and Chandler. They really complemented one another and they never broke up. I can’t stand when couples on TV break up, get back together, and then break up again."


    ...but some people didn't like how Monica treated Chandler when they got married.


    "Monica was terrible to Chandler. She was verbally abusive and manipulative to him as soon as they tied the knot. Their courtship was cute, but the later seasons that focused on their marriage were awful."


    12. Betty and Archie are a pretty controversial pairing on Riverdale because many fans think Betty deserves better...

    The CW

    "I don't like Bughead (Betty and Jughead) as a couple, but I hate Barchie the most. I think it's weird that Bughead share a brother, but Betty honestly deserves better than Archie. I don’t even like Betty that much, but Archie is"


    ...but there are other fans who believe their history as friends makes them the perfect romantic partners.

    The CW

    "They're the perfect example of childhood best friends to lovers. They can be themselves around each other, they would do anything to protect each other, they have a long history nobody else can compete with, and they're truly best friends."

    Kelly M.

    13. Blair and Dan were one of the most disliked couples on Gossip Girl...

    The CW

    "Dan and Blair were bad because Dan wasn't in love with Blair, he was in love with the idea of her. Blair wasn't even herself with him, she might have been less rude than usual, but it wasn't the real Blair Waldorf we all know and love."


    ...but can you believe it? Some folks thought they were underappreciated.

    The CW

    "Honestly, Dan and Blair were really great together. They were the most compatible in an intellectual sense, and Blair 100% brought out the best in Dan."


    14. If you watched New Girl, there's a good chance you thought Nick and Jess were the embodiment of sexual tension...


    "Nick and Jess were something that I always knew was coming on New Girl, and it was electric. They stayed friends throughout the ups and downs of their relationship, had amazing chemistry, and helped one another grow. Also, their first kiss was ICONIC."


    ...but some people thought that their chemistry was better left platonic.


    "Nick and Jess getting together completely ruined the show for me. I did not think they were a good match and the chemistry seemed forced to go from friends to lovers."


    15. A lot of people have come to the conclusion that Ross and Rachel weren't actually a great couple on Friends...


    "Ross and Rachel are supposed to be THE iconic '90s couple, but they were terrible for each other. Ross was super selfish, and Rachel deserved someone better. They spent more time making each other miserable than being happy."


    ...but some people will always love them, no matter what.


    "I know Ross is annoying, but I still totally love them together for reasons I can’t even explain to myself."


    16. While Daenerys and Jon's character arcs on Game of Thrones made some fans believe they were meant to be together...


    "Jon and Daenerys were soulmates with parallel journeys and it was stupid AF that they had him kill her. It was completely out of character for Jon and I will die on this hill."


    ...others thought their relationship was not sufficiently developed on the show or was unnecessary to begin with.


    "The relationship between Jon and Daenerys was underdeveloped and occasionally even problematic. The way she expected him to hide a huge truth about his parents from his family so that she could still get what she wanted was not cool. She's supposed to love Jon, but at no point asked him how he was dealing with this life-altering news? They didn't really add anything to the show as a couple other than making it more sad when Jon had to kill her. Plus, their sex scene was boring as hell."

    Evelina A.

    17. And finally, it might be safe to say that a lot of people love Jim and Pam from The Office...


    "I want a relationship just like Jim and Pam's."


    ...but some people have very strong reasons not to like them.


    "Jim was a shitty husband. He was always the grand gesture guy, but he was really bad at showing up for the little moments and putting in effort on a day-to-day basis. Jim showed up with these huge acts (buying the house, the teapot, Niagara, etc.) but that didn't translate to helping with the kids, keeping Pam in the loop about his changing work plans, or realizing the immense stress he put Pam under while he was in Philly. In other words, he’s willing to commit to the big things that paint him as a big romantic hero while ignoring the less glamorous and immediately rewarding tasks of daily family life."


    Which side do you fall on? Do you love or hate these popular couples? Let us know in the comments!

    Submissions have been edited for length and clarity.

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