Lizzo's Laugh Is Sunshine, So Enjoy Watching Her Break Character On "SNL"

    Her laugh just made me laugh harder, TBH.

    Lizzo was the host and musical guest on Saturday Night Live, and I hope she comes back soon, because she was incredible.

    One of the most delightful parts of Lizzo's tenure as host was the amount of times she almost broke character. Lizzo has the cutest giggle in the world, and we're lucky we got to see it so many times.

    It started with the first sketch after the monologue, in which Lizzo burst out laughing after delivering one of her lines. She recovered really quickly, though.

    Lizzo breaking character on "Saturday Night Live"

    She clearly had to hold some giggles in during the Black Eyed Peas sketch while talking to Cecily Strong's Fergie.

    Lizzo and Cecily Strong in a Black Eyed Peas sketch during "Saturday Night Live"

    You could barely tell, but she also laughed a little during one of her lines in the Throne Room sketch.

    Lizzo doing a sketch on "Saturday Night Live"

    She lost it for a second during the Six Flags sketch, but she soldiered through.

    Lizzo breaking character on "Saturday Night Live"

    Finally, on the last sketch of the night, it seemed like Lizzo's ability to keep it together had finally run out.

    She giggled through this entire exchange with cast member Andrew Dismukes, who played her husband. It was almost 1 a.m., can you blame her?

    Lizzo breaking character on "Saturday Night Live"

    Personally, I love it when the someone breaks on SNL, so Lizzo's corpsing elevated a funny episode to one of the best of the season, IMO.

    You can watch "Steve's Beanie Babies" — the sketch that ended Lizzo's composure — right here:

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