Here's How Kate McKinnon, Aidy Bryant, And Kyle Mooney Said Goodbye To "SNL"

    Was there a dry eye in the house? Probably not.

    The Kate McKinnon/Aidy Bryant/Kyle Mooney era of Saturday Night Live has ended.

    The three SNL veterans are officially leaving the show, along with Pete Davidson.

    Kyle Mooney, Kate McKinnon, and Aidy Bryant doing a sketch on "SNL"

    This is obviously a big deal, so here's how they said goodbye to the show:

    Kyle revived his role as Brad Dates, the long suffering keyboardist of the Treece Henderson Trio.

    Natasha Lyonne, Kenan Thompson, and Kyle Mooney during a sketch on "SNL"

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    Saturday Night Live / NBC

    Aidy did one last Weekend Update segment with Bowen Yang, as two "trend forecasters."

    Aidy Bryant and Bowen Yang as Trend Forecasters on "SNL"

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    Saturday Night Live / NBC

    Kate bid farewell to one of her most beloved characters, Ms. Rafferty from the "Alien Encounter" sketches. Her goodbye was the first tearjerking moment of the night.

    Kate McKinnon as Ms. Rafferty on "SNL"

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    Saturday Night Live / NBC

    Finally, the last sketch of the night (and their final sketch on the show) saw Kate and Aidy playing a pair of eccentric middle-aged women once again.

    Aidy Bryant and Kate McKinnon during a sketch on "SNL"

    Their commercial for "grey adult pigtails" featured several other cast members and host Natasha Lyonne, and ended with the revelation that they were all in a polyamorous relationship with Richard (played by Kyle).

    Screen shots of a skit on "SNL," ending with the women saying, "Richard!!!!"

    Finally, they sang a few lines from Joni Mitchell's "The Circle Game," which I can imagine they chose for their last sketch because it's a song about the passage of time.

    Various "SNL" cast members during a sketch.

    You can watch the whole farewell sketch (and maybe cry a little bit) right here:

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    Saturday Night Live / NBC

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