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    Chris Evans Put His Dog In The "Knives Out" Sweater And It Is Adorable

    Chris Evans might secretly be Santa Claus because this is the best gift ever.

    Chris Evans loves his dog Dodger. You know it, I know it, and the world knows it.

    Chris took the opportunity to express his love once again on Christmas, when he shared some Christmas pics of Dodger artfully posing in a perfectly tailored cable knit sweater:

    Jealous of a dog? Couldn't be me. (Yes it could.)

    Now if you've seen Chris's most recent film Knives Out, you'll recognize Dodger's sweater as a near-perfect replica of the one Chris wore as Ransom Drysdale in the movie.


    If for nothing else, go see Knives Out for this if you haven't yet. For real, it is so good.

    The very same sweater that launched a storm of thirst tweets and was pretty much as popular as Baby Yoda.

    Hottest Christmas items this year @ChrisEvans @themandalorian @Apple

    chris evans in knives out. that’s it. that’s the tweet.

    The combination of such an iconic sweater and such an iconic dog is almost too much to handle.

    Twitter: @ChrisEvans

    I'm not lying when I say I have stared at this picture for hours. Dodger Evans should model for J.Crew.

    Here's a side by side, so you can confirm for yourself that Chris and Dodger look amazing in yarn:

    Lionsgate/Chris Evans

    I'd ask who wore it better, but that just feels wrong to do with such wholesome content. I'd like to imagine that Chris put on his own sweater and that they spent the whole day twinning.

    So thank you, Chris. Thank you for giving us all the gift we did not know we needed this holiday season.