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    Ashley Graham Posted A Naked Mirror Selfie On Instagram, And There's No Other Way To Say This — She Looks Very Hot

    *Fans self.*

    Ashley Graham — supermodel, TV host, role model for body positivity, and all-around hot person — recently announced that she is pregnant with her second baby.

    Ashley and her husband, cinematographer Justin Ervin, welcomed their first son in January 2020.

    As a model, Ashley is probably used to having beautiful pictures of herself, but she recently uploaded one to her Instagram story that made me pause my scrolling.

    It appears that with nothing more than her iPhone camera and fluorescent lighting, Ashley has taken the best bathroom selfie to ever exist.

    Ashley looking amazing while pregnant is no surprise, but it's always great to see someone celebrate their body in less glamorous settings, like when freshly getting out of the shower.

    Ashley has used her whole career to champion body positivity and celebrate all body shapes, so her immaculate selfie game is just one of many, many reasons to love her.

    We stan, queen. 👑