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  • 5 Healthy Gluten-Free Flours

    Whenever anyone is introduced to gluten-free, they always ask “But what do you use for the flour?!” Well, there are tons of answers to that question! Here are 5 popular gluten-free flours that also pack in some nutrition so you aren’t sacrificing texture or health.

  • Pinterest Recipes No One Has Time To Make

    Like any foodie, I enjoy looking through Pinterest and getting ideas for what to do with that head of lettuce that’s going bad in my refrigerator. But let’s be real: Who has time to make half of these recipes? If you can’t microwave, mix it together in one bowl, or throw it on the grill, I might pin it but I sure as hell won’t be making it.

  • 13 Questionable Food Tattoos

    Do you love food? Do you love it enough to get it permanently inked onto your skin? These people did and maybe some of them shouldn’t have.

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