13 Questionable Food Tattoos

Do you love food? Do you love it enough to get it permanently inked onto your skin? These people did and maybe some of them shouldn’t have.

1. I believe I can fry. I believe I can touch the sky.

2. Nothing says rest in peace like a T-bone.

3. I… what?… Sure.

4. The real question is does getting this tattoo make your pee smell?

6. Bill Crosby or Whoopi Goldberg?

7. “Yes, I know guac costs extra.”

8. You say you love pie, but do you REALLY love pie?

9. “I don’t want just any pineapple tattoo; I want it to be tasteful.”

10. But how do you decide who gets the pit?

11. The state of Texas refuses to comment on this one.

12. I know you’re wondering what this person’s feet smell like, too.

13. To be fair it is a pretty great restaurant.

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