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The 14 Stages Of Writing A Book

Writers experience a range of emotions when writing the first draft of their novel.

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1. Getting an Idea

Oh my god, I have the most brilliant idea for a novel! This is going to be the greatest thing EVER!

2. Letting the Idea Percolate

I'll just think about it for a while...

3. Procrastinating from Actually Doing Any Writing

4. Deciding Your Don't Need an Outline

I've got it alllll up here. (Taps to brain.)

5. Day-Dreaming About the Celebrities Who Will Play Your Characters in the Movie Version

6. (10 Pages Written) Going Back and Rewriting the First Sentence for the Seventeenth Time

7. (50 Pages Written) Deciding You Should Probably Make an Outline After All

8. (100 Pages Written) Starting to Get Confused

I'm not so sure about this anymore...

9. (150 Pages Written) Trying to Explain Your Novel to Your Friend/Agent...and Failing

10. (250 Pages Written) Starting to Hate Your Novel

11. (300 Pages Written) Really Hating Your Novel

12. (325 Pages Written) Forcing Yourself to Finish the Wretched Thing

Come on, keep going.... Just a little further...

13. Finishing the Novel!

14. Realizing You Now Need to Revise

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