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10 Embarrassing And Self-Centered Things Writers Are REALLY Thinking About

Writers often say, with a self-righteous sneer, that they're not in this business to write best -sellers. They write for themselves, for the love of the craft. They write because they HAVE to, because writing is like breathing, and if they don't do it they will die. But maybe they just say all that crap to sound cool. Maybe what they're really thinking is a little more like this...

evalangston 6 years ago

Things People Have Typed Into The Google Search Bar Lately

You guys do realize that the government is monitoring our Internet searches, right? Because you've all been looking up some really weird stuff lately. I recently glanced at the search engine terms that had brought people (probably mistakenly) to my blog and was a bit disturbed by what people have been searching for online...

evalangston 6 years ago

10 Things Writers Are Tired Of Hearing

You're tired from waking up early (or staying up late) to work on your novel or your poems or your book of essays. But you're also tired of having to respond to people who say crap like this when you tell them "I'm a writer."

evalangston 6 years ago

5 Words That Don't Exist In English, But Should

Are you struggling to find the right word to describe how Snookie looks when she's just emerged from the tanning bed? In his book, The Meaning of Tingo: and Other Extraordinary Words from Around the Globe, author Adam Jacot de Boinod shares words from all over the world that don’t exist in English. Do you think they should?

evalangston 6 years ago