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7 Situations That Test What You Find More Attractive In A Man

Smile or smolder? Help us find out what makes a man attractive in this original BuzzFeed Video poll!

We had the same man portray two different sides of himself in order to determine which version you'd find more attractive for an original experiment designed by a professional psychotherapist.

TEST #1: You walk into a bar and see a guy you've casually flirted with. He nonverbally greets you from across the room.

TEST #2: You remember that you've seen him out before, but you found him instantly attractive only one of those times.

TEST #3: You see this man run into a friend of his. He begins to have a conversation.

TEST#4: He joins a group of friends. You overhear him recounting last night's game.

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TEST #5: You finally get into a one-on-one conversation with him — imagine that you are the person he is talking to in this scenario.

TEST #6: As you open up more to one another when he starts talking about a tough breakup with his ex. He recounts his reasoning for why the relationship didn't work out.

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TEST #7: The bar is closing and he asks for your number.

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CLICK HERE FOR THE SURPRISING RESULTS in an original BuzzFeed video that explores the findings of this poll and challenges what we psychologically perceive as "attractive" in a man.