Ten Summer K-Pop Songs That Will Have You Singing Along After Only One Listen

This is how Kpop does the summertime. Cool beats, summer scenes, and the occasional booty shake *cough* Hyuna *cough*.

1. 2NE1, “Falling in Love”

Beach. Hot Boys. Basketball. Pink Hair? Well…you get the idea.

2. Xia Junsu, “Incredible”

Ignore the clothing. Just watch him dance.

3. Jay Park, “I Like 2 Party”

Um….hello…NEON! That’s all I have to say.

4. Geeks, “Fly”

The ultimate K-pop summer driving song.

5. Hyuna, “Bubble Pop”

K-pop’s Queen of scandalous does summer.

6. Sistar, “Loving U”

Beach? Fun in the sun? Dancing on cars? These girls are doing summer right.

7. F(x), “Hot Summer”

If this doesn’t scream summer….well…

8. Mighty Mouth, “La La La”

Pools, bikinis, and what a summer vacation should clearly look like.

9. Big Bang, “Sunset Glow”

Summery or not there was a beach and therefore it is a summer song.


10. SMTown, “Red Sun”

I have nothing to say about this.

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