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Watch These 3 Korean High School Girls SLAY "Stand Up For Love"

If there was ever a reason to watch Korean audition programs it's this.

etchoeph 5 years ago

7 K-Pop Collaborations That Will Blow Your Mind

Did you know Kanye dabbled in K-pop?

etchoeph 6 years ago
etchoeph 6 years ago

8 Reasons K-Pop Fans Are The Most Passionate Of All Fans

You think Beliebers and Directioners are passionate? Have you met a Shawol? A B2uty? Or a VIP?

etchoeph 6 years ago

Ten Summer K-Pop Songs That Will Have You Singing Along After Only One Listen

This is how Kpop does the summertime. Cool beats, summer scenes, and the occasional booty shake *cough* Hyuna *cough*.

etchoeph 6 years ago

The Only Cover Of "When I'm Gone" You Will Ever Need To Listen To

K-Pop girl group SPICA has one of the best covers to the cup song EVER.

etchoeph 6 years ago

Why K-Pop Star Ailee Will Be Your Next Crush

Korean pop star Ailee will have you speechless for all the right reasons.

etchoeph 6 years ago