8 Reasons K-Pop Fans Are The Most Passionate Of All Fans

You think Beliebers and Directioners are passionate? Have you met a Shawol? A B2uty? Or a VIP?

1. The Fanchants!

Here are just some.

2. The Colors!

3. Concert Rice Donations

That’s 9.9 tons of rice donated by fans….for one person.

These bags of rice are then given to charities, of course.

4. Your Idol is in a drama? Feed the whole staff!

Fans pay for food trucks to feed all the actors and staff if their idol is starring in a drama. Let me repeat. FANS PAY

5. Wanna blog about Kpop? Mobbed by fans.

Simon and Martina Stawski from EatYourKimchi.com, who blog about K-pop and all things Korea, were mobbed by K-pop fans at KCON 2012 as if they were the K-pop idols. Here’s their video of what happened…. skip to 3:11 to really see the crowds and 8:46 to hear the fans greet them at their panel. *LOWER YOUR VOLUME*

6. K-pop fans reacting to K-pop music videos is probably THE best thing you’ve ever seen.

7. This tattoo doesn’t make sense? It does to a K-pop fan.

8. And no matter what anyone says, they will never stop supporting their idols.

High five K-pop fans. HIGH FIVE.

*Bonus Points* If you go to KCON 2013 in LA to check out these fans for yourself.

Seriously. Bonus points. KCON…go. Do it.

*Double Bonus Points* If you join the craze.

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