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21 Random Life-Changing Things Under $10 Our Readers Actually Swear By

Straight from the readers so you know it's real.

Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

We asked the BuzzFeed Community for some of their favorite life-changing purchases that were less than $10. You can thank them in the comments below.

1. This mug warmer so that every sip is hot.

"A mug warmer because I drink my coffee so slow, and reheating it in the microwave makes it taste so bad. This has been a must have for almost two decades." —cr1stalfairie

Get it on Amazon for $9.99.

2. This magnetic phone mount for a safe drive.

"Magnetic phone mount for my car. Stick it in the air vent and voila!" —lmaudish

Get it on Amazon for $7.99.

3. This Fidget Cube to relax you when you're anxious.

@mimichaelaaaaa / Via

"A Fidget Cube is the best thing for managing nerves and social anxiety when dealing with anything from antsy customers to test taking." —cameryng

Get it on Amazon for $9.99.

4. This coloring book and these markers to get your zen on.,

"I’m gonna go with colored markers and a colouring book; way better than any therapy session." —jackcleary50

Get them on Amazon for $6.92 (coloring book), and $4.40 (markers).

5. This dog seat belt so your best friend is safe.

@bevymunchkinpants / Via

"This dog seatbelt was a LIFESAVER when my pup was little! It attaches to their harness (or collar, but not recommended) and keeps them in their seat. It allows enough slack for them to look out the window, but keeps them in one spot instead of all over the car while you're driving. Kept my sanity more than once on long drives!" —alidahlshow

Get it on Amazon for $4.49.

6. This miracle Bag Balm to relieve your skin.

@the. porcelain. girl / Via

"Bag Balm works on everything from chapped lips to diaper rash. It’s also the only thing that helped when I was nursing my children." —haylesbaylesme

Get it on Amazon for $7.50.

7. This bluetooth shower speaker so you can jam while you scrub.

"I bought a bluetooth shower speaker on Amazon." —katea47f60d135

Get it on Amazon for $8.98.

8. These Plink garbage disposal balls to make your kitchen smell fresh.

"They’re little scented cleaning orbs that you run through your garbage disposal. They make your whole kitchen smell citrusy fresh, and they’re really easy to use." —evanicole29

Get them on Amazon for $3.96.

9. These Japanese seed beads if you're feeling crafty.

@gervuoges / Via

"A tube of Japanese seed beads. They’re so much more even than the Czech ones (which I still love for some things), and the color range is astounding." —susans62

Get them on Amazon for $6.95, and check out more colors and sizes here.

10. This banana saver to keep your fruit from getting smushed and bruised.

@bebeautifulinsideandouttracey / Via

"A banana keeper. It may look inappropriate but it protects bananas from getting bruised while on the go!" —amyc4765e5aa9

Get it on Amazon for $6.16.

11. This Yogi Raspberry Leaf Tea for a more natural solution to menstrual cramps.

@sea. native / Via

"Yogi Red Raspberry Leaf Tea if you get bad cramps. This will change your life! I can’t take NSAIDs and this has eliminated my cramps. I drink one cup a day the week before my period and then up to four cups a day during my period. My periods have been shorter, too." —strangemagic

Get it on Amazon for $8.49.

12. This seatbelt cover for a more comfy ride.

"A seatbelt cover is life-changing for someone with sensitive sensitive skin or for those whose seatbelt cuts into their skin!" —madalynsw

Get it on Amazon for $7.99.

13. These seat belt adjuster clips for a more custom fit.

"A seatbelt adjusting clip repositions your seatbelt to actually sit across your torso. For the busty girl, it means no more seatbelt inching over your boobs, slicing into your neck, or holding the belt in place as you drive!"—rebeccat4c9b902f8

Get them on Amazon for $7.48.

14. This Poo-Pourri so the bathroom always smells good.

@poopourriswitzerland / Via

"Poo-Pourri is a lifesaver when you have to share a bathroom with anyone. I have a bottle in each bathroom at home, I keep one in my desk at work, and I never travel without it!" —singingminnie07

Get it on Amazon for $9.95.

15. This metal cat litter scooper built to last.

"A metal long handled cat litter scoop. It doesn’t bend when there are large scoops, and the long handle means I don’t have to get close." —katelynnmaryj

Get it on Amazon for $8.99.

16. This Zote soap to get your makeup brushes nice and clean.

@spoiledmommyof5 / Via

"Zote Pink Soap is seriously the best. It's gentle enough to use on your skin or makeup brushes, but strong enough to use on tough clothing stains." —maymaythemermaid

Get a pack of four on Amazon for $9.87.

17. This Buky 40 Blinks Sleep Mask for a dark sleep, even in the daytime.

@kristenmaclean / Via

"I need it to be really dark to sleep. The best $10 I ever spent was on a Bucky 40 Blinks Sleep Mask. It doesn’t press directly against your eyelids, so it doesn’t feel weird on your face. It has velcro so you can adjust the size, and it blocks out all light. I can nap in the middle of the afternoon with no problem." —Andi

Get it from Bed Bath & Beyond for $9.99.

18. This apple cider vinegar that makes everything better.

@platformsandpacifiers / Via

"A bottle of apple cider vinegar! You can put it in your hair, drink it, clean with it, catch flies with it. Anything!" —leahw492c4af40

Get it on Amazon for $4.69.

19. These colorful pens for some satisfying organization.

"Multi-colored pens! I love organization, and I use pens for schoolwork, drawing, or labeling. They are great to have, and there are pretty good ones on Amazon." —oliviar821

Get them on Amazon for $7.75.

20. These Scünci hair ties that can handle your thick mane.

@scunci_hair / Via

"A 24-pack of Scünci thick hair hair ties! I used to go through the regular ones really fast. Three months in, though, and I’m not even close to halfway through these." —rsmith8235

Get them on Amazon for $6.12.

21. This toothpaste roller so you get every little bit.

"A toothpaste squeezer saves me so much money on buying toothpaste!" —Megan Johnston

Get it on Amazon for $1.25.

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