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Just A Bunch Of Amazing Photos Of Bernie Sanders As A Disney Princess

Birdie Sanders for Disney Princess 2016.

In case you hadn't heard, people at a Bernie Sanders rally went bonkers on Friday after a little bird landed on Bernie's podium.

People flip out over bird joining Bernie at the lectern.

The hashtag #BirdieSanders began trending and the comparisons to a Disney princess began rolling in...

This has all led to some TRULY amazing depictions of Bernie as a Disney princess.

"Someday my Bern will come..."

Bernie set to star in a soon-to-be announced animated feature.

Bernie singing a tune as Cinderella.

Bernie as the iconic Snow White.

To be honest, there were a lot of Bernie as Snow White comparisons.

Like, a lot of them.

But mainly people are just happy to have a Disney Princess running for president.

And they wouldn't mind at all if the bird trick became a regular part of Bernie's rallies.

And because Bernie is Bernie, he even joined in on the fun today with this tweet: