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21 Things That Inevitably Happen When You Work In An Office

Warning: This will surely bring up some office anxieties. But we're all in this together.

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4. Your co-workers will friend you on Facebook, and you will hide every trace of the person you are outside of work. Then spend the next hour combing through their photos for evidence of who they are outside of work.

It's not logical. It. Just. IS what it IS.


6. You will feel intense hatred toward anyone in your office who comes to work sick. Then put on your bravest "I feel great!" face when you yourself come into work sick.

7. At some horrifying point, you will hear one of your co-workers fart (or worse, poop in the bathroom!), and you'll have to continue on with life as if nothing has changed.


9. Regardless of your relationship status, you will develop a work crush.


They don't even have to be hot, necessarily. Just so long as you can stare at their face and pretend you're anywhere else but work.

11. You will either be the fiscally responsible adult who brings lunch to work every day, or the person who knows every takeout place by heart.

Spoiler alert: The person who answers the phone will know your order by heart too!


17. You'll put one personal thing in your office drawer, and one day open it up and realize that you now live out of that drawer.

20. You will see a piece of office humor that is borderline dad-joke territory, but you will LOL at it and surprise yourself.

You will LOL so hard, friend.

21. And you will form a group of work friends who make every day at work a whole lot more fun.

Bless you, work friends, you're doing God's work.