How To React When Your Boss IMs You

Don’t panic. We’ll get through this.

1. Sit down at your desk feeling pretty good about your day, when suddenly you get an IM…

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3. Oh shit…

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5. Did he IM anyone else?

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6. Nope. Just you. OK, OK, OK… Don’t panic. Just think. How do we respond? THINK!

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8. Wait… Stay calm. Have you done anything wrong lately?

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9. Maybe it’s nothing. Maybe he wants to congratulate you for something. Play it cool…

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11. Good. That feels calm and collected. Perfect response…

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13. OK. What is he typing? What’s he going to say?

ID: 1098428

15. What?! What does that even mean?!

ID: 1098415

17. Oh shit. Here goes. You’re fired for sure. Better start packing up.

ID: 1098400

19. Oh no…

ID: 1097581

23. Well… This is it. You had a good run…

ID: 1097981

25. Pfft. Wasn’t even worried.

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