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29 Things That Can Easily Ruin A Woman's Day

Having to wax anything, pretty much.

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3. When you realize that your favorite bra is just...done. It's over. RIP bra.

5. When you're feeling confident, then you look in a mirror and notice that your makeup has been smudged this. whole. time.

10. Going to work only to find out that your panty line is completely visible and there's nothing you can do about it.

18. When you go to get your car fixed, and you have to worry about whether or not the mechanic is trying to rip you off because you're a woman.

25. When you're just having a casual conversation, and someone drops this phrase: "Your clock is ticking."


Which sends you down a shame spiral, worrying about whether or not your theoretical children will ever happen.

27. When you try something on in a dressing room and it's laughably small, and you get stuck and fear that you will stay that way forever.

I could live without being able to see. Maybe someone can cut little eye holes in this XXS tee.