33 Things People In Los Angeles Absolutely Love

We have certain desires, and those desires include avocado on everything, followed by a brisk hike!

1. Avoiding Hollywood and Highland.

2. Packing up a blanket and some boxed wine for an outdoor movie screening.

Cinespia, I love and hate you.

3. Really personalized custom license plates.

Oh, haiii, Gaysha!

4. Dressing up to go on a hike at Runyon.

Or Griffith, depending on your level of hipster-tude.

5. Hiking with your dog off leash in canyons where there are coyotes.

6. Tweeting and Facebooking every time it rains, or feel something that MIGHT be an earthquake.

Was that an earthquake?! I think my coffee table shook…

7. Spending a week of your life on a juice cleanse, and telling everyone at work about it.

8. The incomparable glory that is free samples at Yogurtland.

9. Keeping your fridge freshly stocked with avocado, aioli, and kale, in no particular order.

Though in my kitchen, it’s avocado first and always. #avocadoforlife

10. Finding a life changing shortcut, and telling everyone about it.

I take Fountain all the way. #humblebrag

11. Even if you aren’t on a vegan, raw, or gluten free diet, you like having those as OPTIONS on a menu.

“What are you grateful for today?” — a waiter at Cafe Gratitude right now.

12. Hybrid workout classes!

I have a Bar Method membership, and it combines pilates and ballet, what of it?

13. We love to talk about wanting to go to the beach, but buy extra SPF instead.

15. Year-round scarves and boots.

16. Podcasts, in general.

17. Checking the Sigalert before leaving work.

18. Getting in the car so you can get your fitness on.

19. Judging people for whether they prefer KCRW or KPCC.

Also, picking which one is your favorite.

20. Complaining about the traffic, while you’re stuck in traffic.

21. And the undeniable rush you get from canceling plans, due to traffic.

22. Taking weekend road trips to Vegas and Palm Springs.

23. Green tea milk boba from Urth Caffe.


25. Running half marathons and 5Ks.

Like The Color Run!

26. Feeling special whenever you go to see a movie in THE DOME.

27. And the awesome perk of assigned seating.

28. Boutique pet stores.

Like Pussy & Pooch, which includes a diner for doggies called PAWBAR.

29. Meeting people who work outside the industry, because it’s like seeing a unicorn.

30. Going to The Grove when it’s all gussied up for Christmas.

31. Walking around a farmers market and leaving with something organic, fair trade, and way too expensive.

But feeling OK about that, because you’re supporting local business! Or something…

32. Driving to wine country! (aka Malibu Wines)

33. And seeing this kind of weather every day, and knowing we’ve got it better than anywhere else.

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