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24 Things Only People With Small Hands Will Understand

Confession: I have little hands. Now will you please help me open this jar?

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1. Your hands can actually touch the bottom of a Pringles can.

2. Playing instruments is impossible.

Especially when you try to play a piano piece and your tiny fingers can't reach all of the keys.

3. Your hands look like goddamn children's hands, and nobody thinks it's rude to tell you so.

4. Nail polish totally overwhelms your fingers.

5. "You know what they say about people with small hands..."


"...they have to listen to people tell them unoriginal jokes?"

6. Throwing things is often embarrassing for you.


7. Big rings end up wearing you.


It's never the other way around.

8. But when you find a ring that actually fits, it's like winning the damn lottery.


AND it isn't a toe ring?!

9. You wish more objects could be sold in petite sizes.

10. You can't type one-handed. Ever.


You'll always need two hands to reach both the shift key and the question mark. So, to make a question mark, you need two hands. That's bullshit.

11. When you flip someone off, it just looks silly.


Like a kid trying to act like an adult. It never works out well.

12. You were practically born for speed texting.


The keypad is small, like your fingers!

13. Your little fingers can weave, knit, or sew like a boss.

14. You struggle to maintain control of large balls.


And forget trying to palm something like a basketball, it ain't happening.

15. Your choices for gloves tend to be limited to the kids' section.


Even though they're sometimes pretty cute. (I want a bear glove!)

16. Everybody wants your ninja fingers to help untangle their jewelry.

17. Trying to get your whole hand around the lid of a jar is a humbling experience.

18. When you're shaking someone's hand, you have to grip twice as hard or else your hand gets crushed.


It's a handshake, not a hand contest.

19. The holes in bowling balls are always too far apart for your fingers to get to all of them.


Even balls with places to grip are a struggle.

20. People look skeptical when you try to carry large things.


But think it's hilarious when you actually do need their help.

21. Holding hands with a very tall person tends to be one-sided.

Charles Sykes / REXUSA

22. Your gestures are not very effective.

23. Back rubs are a quick way to get hand cramps.

24. Edward 40 Hands is your favorite drinking game, because it's the only way you can hold two big bottles at the same time.

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