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We Played A Word Association Game With Two "Walking Dead" Stars

When I say "floater," you say...

The Walking Dead Season 6 seems to be pitting Rick (Andrew Lincoln) against Morgan (Lennie James).

So while they were both at Comic-Con promoting the new season, we asked them to play a little game.

The only rule: After you hear The Walking Dead chosen word, say the first thing that comes to mind.

1. The word: Terminus

2. The word: Clear

3. The word: WALKER.

4. The word: Woodbury

5. The word: Alexandria

6. The word: Bitten

7. The word: Cure

8. The word: Home

9. The word: Floaters

10. The word: Infected

11. The word: Past

12. The word: Herd

13. The word: Normal