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22 Things Only A Boss Bitch Will Understand

You don't compare yourself to others because there is no comparison.

1. Your confidence has often been described as "intimidating."

2. And because people are intimidated by you, you've learned to deal with haters.

3. Because you speak your mind people often hate on you, but you don't take shit from anyone ever.

4. You're about 10 steps ahead of everyone else, which tends to be a problem.

5. Your ambition knows no bounds, and you aren't afraid to cut a bitch if they get in your way.

6. Significant others can have a hard time understanding how fiercely independent you are.

7. But when you are in a relationship, you OWN THAT SHIT.

8. You've learned to rein your boss bitch 'tude in when you're around basics.

9. It's really hard for other people to insult you, like, nearly impossible.

10. Finding a role model to look up to can be difficult, because you're typically at the top of your game.

11. You don't need anyone to crown you in order for you to be the ~queen~.

12. You've been described as "cocky," when really you're just confident.

13. You don't hate on others' success, but you know you could do it better.

14. You've spent a lot of time trying to explain to others that you are THE bitch, not THEIR bitch.

15. You've mastered the fine line between being assertive and a jerk, but even so, some people can't handle that.

16. You give credit where credit is due... but the problem is that it's usually due to you.

17. Because you have strong opinions, people think they can call you names. (But you know better.)

18. Some people have accused you of working "too hard," as if that's even a thing.

19. You have a hard time connecting to people who don't share your insane work ethic.

20. Because you're so on top of your own shit, others assume you can also do their work for them.

21. Getting paid what you deserve (and more) isn't always easy, but you've thrown down to get what you want.

22. Bottom line: You love yourself inside and out, and if others can't handle that... get out the way.

P.S. In case you're not a boss bitch yet, here's your official guide. You're welcome.