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    29 Signs You Ran Cross-Country In High School

    Steep hills still make me want to barf.

    1. You've had a sunburn like this.

    2. The phrase, "Pass them, don’t pace them" still fills you with dread.

    3. You know that shopping for sneakers is an exhaustive, all-day event.

    4. But once you find the perfect pair, it's like you've fallen into some magical Cinderella rubber slipper heaven.

    5. There's a photo like this hanging somewhere in your house.

    6. This is what your feet looked like on any typical day.

    7. You know the difference between track and cross-country, and it's that real athletes run miles.

    8. When heat waves come, you get traumatic flashbacks to after school practice...

    9. ...and that feeling that you might die, because it's so hot you can't breathe.

    10. You know this to be absolutely true.

    11. You think this looks terrifying...

    12. But earning that downhill run was the best feeling in the world.

    13. This was you in high school.

    14. You've unintentionally mastered the art of avoiding getting hit by a car.

    15. This is what your closet was filled with.

    16. And you know there's nothing sexier than running shorts.

    17. You and your friends would sometimes race each other "for fun."

    18. Binge eating pasta isn't a problem for you.

    19. There was one person you always wanted to beat...

    20. And if you did manage to run past them, it felt like you'd just been crowned the god of running.

    21. You know that awful feeling of only being halfway through a run, and having to go to the bathroom.

    22. Snot and runny noses happen, which is why long sleeves are awesome.

    23. The rain feels good in the moment...

    24. Until you realize that you're completely caked in mud.

    25. You know that feeling when you're mid-run and realize you might actually vomit up your insides.

    26. Pain? You'll tell everyone about it as soon as you're able to breathe again.

    27. Even though running made you feel great, you knew that if anyone took a photo it would be derpy.

    28. Getting high? Yes, you know alllll about that.

    29. Even though it's a lot of sweat and weird sunburns, cross-country is the best thing ever.