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36 Secrets Women Want You To Know About Sex

Take note, people! BuzzFeed asked 16 women what they wish their partners knew, and we got answers.

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Um, well first off, pay attention to my clitoris. But not just that β€” speed is important. Especially starting slow and not rushing it. Rushing is the death of orgasm. Kissing my neck slowly is often a surefire way to send me over the edge.
Sometimes kissing my ear is a huge turn-on. It can be an overwhelming mix of sound and touch sensation.
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I'd much prefer to do it at night. He'd much prefer to do it in the morning. I don't want to talk to anyone pre-10 a.m., let alone have sex with them.
I sort of want to try it while I'm on my period. I know, it's gross.
When he asks if I'm enjoying what he's doing. Dirty talk, but not just ANY dirty talk β€” there are ways of doing it that are gross and others that are just wooooonderful. Seeing him insanely turned on when I'm about to cum.
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I've never had an orgasm during sex. Never. I've faked it with my previous partners (don't have a current partner).
Sometimes I don't need to cum to feel satisfied/happy.
Don't come on to me while I'm sleeping. That's more of a DON'T than a DO, but it's all I've got.
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He should let go a little more, we are naked in bed on top of each other, don't worry about anything else but that.
OK, I know we spend a bunch of time teaching men that it's all about us in the bedroom...but sometimes I wish he wasn't so set on checking off all the things he knows I like to get a good outcome. Sometimes I just want raw 'take-me-now' passion with no plan in sight.
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Do it like you did in the beginning when you were trying to impress me. Take your time. Foreplay is your friend! And what the fuck is wrong with some ambiance sometimes? Light a damn candle or something!
I would actually like more verbal communication during sex. It's just awkward to start doing that.
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Sometimes I'm just too tired to orgasm. Sorry.
When I tell you to do something over and over again, you should do it without me asking.
Ugh, more cunnilingus, please.
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Get creative once in a while. I'll let you know if it's good.
For some reason, what really gets me is when my boyfriend is like vocal about how good it feels or is moaning himself.
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Be more confident about initiating. A little boldness* is attractive.*douchiness and disrespect don't equate to confidence or boldness, for those playing along at home
Go down on me, fool!
What turns me on is basically everything in 50 Shades of Grey, except with a normal, nice person I trust 100%.
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You can do more with your hands than you can with your penis, so like, don't use your hands like a surrogate penis. It's a crime against dexterity.
Shower sex is usually always on the table.
Take charge more. Once I say yes, I obviously want to, so go for it! Also just go longer. Sometimes it has to be quick for time constraints β€” things to do, people to see β€” but, like, go big or go home, am I right? Have a fucking GO.
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I wish you would ask more questions.
I'm pretty open with my bae, but I do wish I could let him know that I tend to compartmentalize sex and love, which can make it difficult to have sex with someone I love. If that makes sense.
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