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21 Struggles All "Game Of Thrones" Fans Understand

Winter is coming...in April once a new season finally starts.

1. Accidentally screaming, "Where are my dragons?!" any time you get angry.

2. Feeling a deep, spirit animal connection with one of the more "evil" characters, and being judged for that.

3. Having a close-knit viewing group during the season, and then being without them for roughly nine months.

4. And the pressure that is coming up with new food puns for that viewing party.

5. Waiting years, and years, and more fucking years, for the next book to come out.

6. And then developing actual back problems because of how heavy the damn books are.

7. Realizing you've spent $400 this year in GoT merch.

8. Falling into the black hole that is Pinterest tutorials on DIY Khaleesi braids.

They never come out like they're supposed to, and you'll never get those four hours back.

9. Accidentally saying, "You know nothing, Jon Snow," to people you hate, and then having to explain yourself.

10. Or trying to slip a sensible "Hodor" into group conversation and getting a bunch of blank stares back.

11. Waiting a solid nine months for a new season with new episodes to air, and only being able to rewatch so many times before people think you're insane.

12. That terrible moment when you're waiting for a new season to begin, but have run out of new fan theories to read.

13. When you accidentally say a spoiler from the books in front of fans who have only seen the TV show.

14. Having to explain to friends who are getting married why you're a little nervous about attending their wedding.

15. People thinking you're weird when you refer to sexual dry spells as time at The Wall.

16. That inconsolable feeling of sadness when you're the first one of your friends to read a book, and have no one to talk to about it.

17. Having to stop yourself from screaming, "One blast for rangers returning!" every time you honk your car horn.

Two honks mean I have a LOT of feelings.

18. Having to fake reactions to scenes in the show when you've already read the books and know what's coming.

19. Having a new and terrifying fear of any ravens you see.

What does it mean? Is it looking at me?! IS THAT A THIRD EYE :-O

20. Having to stop yourself from rage outbursts when the TV show totally deviates from the book.

21. Having to hide the fact that you're impossibly jealous of Podrick, while also being attracted to him.