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23 Photos That Prove Hairless Cats Are Actually Adorable

The Sphynx breed is arguably the most underrated when it comes to the cute scale.

1. The Sphynx who totally photobombed this girl's selfie.

2. The hairless cat who just wants to hug your arm a little bit closer.

3. The Sphynx who's hiding behind the couch because he's throwing you a surprise birthday party.

4. This cat who winked, then closed its eyes so that we wouldn't pass out from all of that delightfulness.

5. These two besties just taking a little snooze together in the same blankie.

6. The Jersey Shore Sphynx who's about to head to the gym.

7. The Sphynx who found the coziest blanket to hide under.

8. And then turned that blanket into a wig.

9. The cat whose day is made anytime someone holds her chin.

10. The Sphynx who looked into the sun so his face could light up the entire world.

11. The Sphynx who just wants to hear how your day was.

12. These two who can't seem to escape the bright glare of the papz cameras, when all they want to do is enjoy their weekend.

13. The hairless cat who stole Christmas.

14. Hey, handsome.

15. This cat who's just waking up from a nap and had the best dream ever*.

16. This sassy Sphynx who thinks 2014 is all about the floral accents.

17. This cute little kitten who fits in the palm of your hand.

18. This cat who is toweling off and giving some serious smize.

19. This Sphynx who's taking his first selfie.

20. This Sphynx who ate wayyyy too much tuna and has to lay down for awhile.

21. This cat with a little knit shirt who's ready to play if you are!

22. This cat who is like, "Take my bubble bath away, and I will claw your eyes out."

23. And these two little alien kittens who were brought down to earth to bring us joy.