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    18 Resolutions You Won't Regret Making In 2016

    Make the best of each and every day in 2016.

    1. Putting your phone away when you're at dinner.

    2. Making time for your physical fitness.

    3. Calling your family more often.

    4. Making a point to send your best friends actual birthday cards.

    5. Doing one small act of kindness every week.

    6. Making a to-do list, especially when you're stressed.

    7. Getting out of the house and going into nature.

    8. Saying no when you need to.

    9. And saying yes when you really should.

    10. Planning a trip and making use of all your vacation time.

    11. Saving up for something you really, truly want.

    12. And actually taking pride in the things you own.

    13. Giving out a random compliment each day.

    14. Adopting a furry friend, if you can.

    15. Trying at least one new thing a month.

    16. Actually writing out your goals for the year ahead.

    17. Remembering how important small romantic gestures are.

    18. Picking one night a week as a standing friend date.