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"My Boyfriend's Back" Is The Most Underrated Rom-Com Ever

Seriously, I wish my boyfriend was undead. Just kidding babe... kinda.

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For those of you who aren't familiar, My Boyfriend's Back is a delightful 1993 zombie film.

It's about a high school senior who finally works up the nerve to ask out the girl of his dreams, only to be killed right after doing so. But death isn't going to stop Johnny from taking Missy McCloud to the prom. So, he comes back. That's right, he comes back for his one night of glory.

The film is campy, smart, and hopelessly romantic. In other words: it's perfect. In terms of zombie romance competition, there isn't much out there aside from Warm Bodies. And Shaun of the Dead can also be called a zombie rom-com, though the leading man isn't one of the undead. The thing that My Boyfriend's Back and Warm Bodies has in common is the zombie love interest. And, in this author's humble opinion, My Boyfriend's Back is the stronger movie. (Please read the rest of this post before lighting the torches and rushing my apartment!)


Here are all of the extremely important reasons why you must watch this film:


5. SPOILER: The reason why Johnny becomes a zombie, is that he plans a fake burglary to look like a hero in front of Missy.

What could go wrong when you ask your BFF to dress up as a robber, right? Everything.


34. Only his life is spared this time, because the bullet hit the locket he has been trying to give Missy since the first grade.

It's kind of amazing, because throughout the movie we know that Johnny has carried around this locket, waiting for the right moment, and now it's saved his life.