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How Well Do You Know The Dothraki Language?

Can you guess what these Dothraki pickup lines really mean? Big thanks to David J. Peterson for helping us create these.

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So, you think you know something about the Dothraki language created for Game of Thrones, huh?


Like, maybe you already know that "Shekh ma shieraki anni" in Dothraki translates to "My sun and stars."

We worked with David J. Peterson, the linguist who created the Dothraki language, to create Game of Thrones pickup lines.


Peterson is the author of Living Language Dothraki, and he also created High Valyrian for the show, but who's counting?

  1. 1. For when you're looking to find your next Queen:

    I have five wives, but I want you to be my Khaleesi.
    I've sailed the Seven Kingdoms, but you're my true Khaleesi.
    My dragon is waking up; it must mean you're my true Khaleesi.
  2. 2. When you're aiming for someone just out of your league:

    You're my King of the Andals.
    I'd like to show you which Andal I'll invade.
    I will conquer the Seven Kingdoms for you.
  3. 3. For when you want to just cut to the chase:

    I'd leave the North and go down south for you.
    Is your name winter? Because you'll be coming soon.
    Take me to a cave and I will show you what I know.
  4. 4. When you're feeling a little coy, but still WANT IT:

    I will do it with the lights on for you.
    I will show you my dragon if you show me yours.
    I will show you what my Tyrell looks like.
  5. 5. For when you decide to slide into their DMs:

    I'll stick you with my pointy end.
    You are so hot, you must be the mother of dragons.
    I know how to make you breathe fire.
  6. 6. For when you know he's packing:

    Hello! You must be the stallion who mounts the world. My name is world.
    Hello! You must be a soldier. Because I feel Valyrian steel.
    Hello! You must be Ned Stark. Because I'm about to bury that head.
  7. 7. And finally, for when you're looking to romance the hell out of them:

    Is this heaven? Because I feel like Robert Baratheon right now.
    Are you the moon? Because you're commanding my life.
    Are you a White Walker? Because I want you to have my babies.

How Well Do You Know The Dothraki Language?

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