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How To Throw The Best "Les Miserables" Themed Oscar Party

We've got all the steps you need to have the ultimate Academy Awards party.

Calling all Les Misérables fans: The 2013 Academy Awards are coming up this Sunday, Feb. 24 and your film du jour is up for a lot of awards (eight, to be exact).

So, if you're hoping to host a soiree because you love the musical, Hugh Jackman, or seeing Anne Hathaway with a pixie cut, we're here to show you how to get the party started.

The Menu:

Keep it simple and serve the food of French peasants: a loaf of rustic bread and cheese.

Or get your pun on with foods labeled around the film. (Think "What have pie done?" "A cake cart full of love," and "Jean Valbun.")

The Dress Code:

If you're going as Jean Valjean...

If you're going as Fantine...

If you'd like to dress as Eponine...

And if you're going as Inspector Javert...

The Decor:

Why not pay homage to revolutionary France with red, blue and white decorations?

Or give a nod to the latter half of the "Red and Black" song by decking out your place in those colors.

You can also get crafty and DIY with cut up old T-shirts sewn onto a lace line and hung to look like revolutionary flags.

The Drinks:

Aside from the obvious bottles of French red wine...

You can also pun up your drinks and serve Fantine's Tu-Beer-culosis, which is just another way of saying straight-up beer.

Or craft a specialty cocktail, like the Cosette-tini.

Either way it's time to celebrate, because...