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11 "Good Burger" Questions We Now Have Answers To

Why did Ed's secret sauce actually taste like?!

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If you're a '90s child then you obviously remember the glory that is Good Burger.

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Good Burger started as a sketch on All That, and starred Kel Mitchell as the iconic and adorably clueless fast food worker, "Ed." It was all magical.

And because the world is good, Kel came to Comic-Con to promote his new Nickelodeon series, Game Shakers.

Answer: Because of his love of the job.

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"I mean, why does SpongeBob sleep in his outfit every night? You know?" Kel told BuzzFeed. "You love your work so much, like SpongeBob loves making Krabby Patties. And he wants to go to bed dreaming about Krabby Patties. And I really think that Ed wanted to go to bed dreaming about working at Good Burger, because he loved it that much. When you love something, that's what you do."

Answer: In-N-Out's secret sauce.

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"Well, it tastes like a little bit of lemonade, then a bit of barbecue — I can't tell you! But on set, in the real world, it tastes like In-N-Out sauce from the secret menu, which is pretty funny."


Answer: Well-done.

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"Well-done, ya know, like really cook it," he said. "Because you want to make sure there's no parasites or anything that's not good in it, because it's a good burger!"


Answer: Yes, and that scene was awesome.

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"Yes, Ed still has the yo-yo, he plays with it a lot," Kel said. "That was a great scene. I actually love that scene. That was really fun, because me and Kenan got to get deep. Like, it was a really deep moment, so it was cool."

Answer: Ed couldn't remember all those prices.

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"Because, we're all about being good at Good Burger. So we wanted to have good prices, that's why everything's eight bucks," Kel explained. "And I think Ed couldn't really remember the prices of everything else."


8. What was it like working with Less Than Jake on "We're All Good"?

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Answer: The band should call Kel for a reunion special.

Erin La Rosa for BuzzFeed

"Working with Less Than Jack was so funny with the 'We're All Dudes' song — that was awesome," Kel said. "I remember I flew out to Florida to record with them, and they were crazy — like, bouncing around on the couches and everything. I wrote the song in one day at a hotel in LA, and then I did it for the producers, and they flew me out to sit down with Less Than Jake. We recorded it in one day, and they still perform it. Hey, Less Than Jake, let's do something! Let's get back together and do the song. Hit me up!"

Answer: Sorry, no.

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"Is any burger a sandwich? Because it's a burger, but technically it's a sandwich. No, it's a burger. Because 'Good Sandwich' doesn't sound good. No, it's a burger."

Answer: Ed is keeping it 💯

Erin La Rosa for BuzzFeed

"No, he loves shoving things in his nose and then eating them afterwards," Kel laughed. "And it's funny because for me, Kel, whenever I eat grapes people immediately go, 'Bloobity Bloobity Bloobity Bloobity Bloobity'. But it's fun. I like the fact that people enjoy the movie so much."

Kel's newest Nickelodeon show, Game Shakers, is set to debut this September — so stay tuned!


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