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11 "Good Burger" Questions We Now Have Answers To

Why did Ed's secret sauce actually taste like?!

If you're a '90s child then you obviously remember the glory that is Good Burger.

And because the world is good, Kel came to Comic-Con to promote his new Nickelodeon series, Game Shakers.

But he also took time to answer the most important unanswered questions about Good Burger.

1. Why did Ed sleep in his Good Burger uniform?

Answer: Because of his love of the job.

2. What does Ed's special sauce actually taste like?

Answer: In-N-Out's secret sauce.

3. Rare, medium, or well-done?

Answer: Well-done.

4. Why didn't Ed have a last name?

Answer: It's complicated.

5. Who's a dude?

Answer: We're all dudes!

6. Does Ed still have that yo-yo?

Answer: Yes, and that scene was awesome.

7. Why did a Good Burger cost $8?

Answer: Ed couldn't remember all those prices.

8. What was it like working with Less Than Jake on "We're All Good"?

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Answer: The band should call Kel for a reunion special.

9. Was there ever a Kel Kimble crossover, like, did Ed drop a screw in a Good Burger?

Answer: Not a chance.

10. Is a Good Burger technically a sandwich?

Answer: Sorry, no.

11. Did Ed suffer any side effects from shoving so many things up his nose?

Answer: Ed is keeping it 💯

Kel's newest Nickelodeon show, Game Shakers, is set to debut this September — so stay tuned!