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For Everyone Who Is Thirsty For More Rick And Michonne

You have a fever, and the only cure is more Richonne!

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Last week's episode of The Walking Dead was a DAMN REVELATION.

Because for so long we've been building to this Richonne moment...

...and then it finally, magically came. (No pun intended.)


::: sings 🎵 Some people wait a lifetime for a moment like thissss 🎵 :::

So now all you want from the next The Walking Dead episodes is more of it.

Like, hi. Hello. Yes, more of this.


This eye-fucking? More, please.

AMC / Via

The next level flirtiness? Yeah, make it a double. / Via AMC

So here's to more apocalypse and chill.

More of watching Rick and Michonne MAKE THINGS* HAPPEN.

*Sex things.

*Sex things.

ATTN AMC: Please, for the love of all the undead zombies, give us what we want, need, and quite frankly deserve.

#Richonne4Eva / Via AMC


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